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Optelec is an innovative brand of hardware products for the visually impaired. For more than 40 years, Optelec products helps people with a visual impairment, whether it be blindness or any degree of vision impairment, with simple to use and intuitive products. These products are designed to help people lead an independent and full life: to allow them to stay in touch with those around them, to enable them to continue school or work and to help them continue doing their hobbies.

Optelec products

Optelec focuses on developing high quality, simple solutions for people who were affected by an eye condition later in life. The Optelec products help the, mostly elderly, customers to perform everyday tasks in and around the home, to retain independence and quality of life. The assistive technology blends in with mainstream products and does not look stigmatizing.

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As a dealer, you can access our latest product information, such as brochures, photos, firmware and more via our dealerportals. Our dealerportals require user registration. If you do not have an account yet, you can request it via your official contact person.

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